We devote ourselves to nurture leaders, who practice and embrace Diversity and Inclusion.
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SECTION I. General Rule

Article 1 (Name)

The name of this corporation shall be NPO GEWEL.

Article 2 (Office)

The registered office of this corporation is at KS Floor,Italian Institute of Culture building 4F, 2-1-30 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0074

Article 3 (Purpose)

The purpose of this corporation is to promote diversity & inclusion (to respect and make full use of values and abilities of a diverse group of people) in the Japanese society and companies. According to the purpose, the following is prioritized: career guidance or advice to women who have desires and abilities through career counseling; development of female human resources through workshops and trainings; networking and exchange of information with other organizations in Japan and overseas that aim to foster female human resources development; research projects on female human resources development; providing information on female human resources development through the corporation’s website and newsletters, contributing to the development of gender equality in society.
Furthermore, the corporation shall provide research, consulting, and trainings to corporations and organizations to build a culture of diversity and inclusion so that they can respond to diverse talent with an eye to supporting expansion of employment opportunity for senior citizens, physically-challenged people, and foreign nationalities.

Article 4 (Activities)

This corporation shall conduct the following activities to achieve the purpose in Article 3.

  1. Activities to promote gender equality in society.
  2. Activities of international cooperation.
  3. Activities to support development of vocational capabilities and improvement of employment opportunities.

Article 5 (Type of Business)

This corporation shall perform the following business to achieve the purpose in Article 3 with regard to non-profit activities.

  1. Provision of career guidance and advice through career counseling.
  2. Human resources development through workshops and trainings on the job.
  3. Networking and information exchange with organizations in Japan and overseas that are working to foster human resources development through promotion of diversity and inclusion.
  4. Promotion of diversity and inclusion and research projects on female talent development.
  5. Provision of information through the corporation’s website and newsletters regarding diversity and inclusion and female talent development.
  6. Research, consulting, and trainings for companies with objective to promote diversity and inclusion.
  7. Other businesses relating to diversity and inclusion.