We devote ourselves to nurture leaders, who practice and embrace Diversity and Inclusion.
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The Idea behind GEWEL

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to create organizations and societies where people with diverse attributes and personal charm can continuously take active roles and grow.
Our mission is to contribute to organizations and societies through demonstrating and driving true Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) leadership.
  • We promote D&I leadership by leveraging differences and strengths of its team members.
  • We support the action and growth of leaders with diverse attributes and ambition.
  • We help D&I leaders connect in a network of mutual learning, crossing the boundaries between organizations and borders between countries.

GEWEL's New Logo


To realize GEWEL's vision as thought leaders in the area of diversity and inclusion, we walk the talk the act in the spirit of "paying it forward."
The logo represents an image of everyone at GEWEL, acting in that spirit by fostering the tree of diversity and inclusion.