We devote ourselves to nurture leaders, who practice and embrace Diversity and Inclusion.
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GEWEL strives to nurture leadership with a global perspective through affiliation with overseas organizations.
  • GOLD (Global Organization of Leadership and Diversity)

    The vision of GOLD is to develop global leaders and create business and civic communities that will utilize and appreciate individual talents regardless of background.
    Representative Hiroko Takebe engages in NPO activities with the idea of bridging the gap between Japan and the US, as well as Asia and the US.
    In addition, Ms. Takebe is founding member of, and was one of its directors, and she continues to support GEWEL in an advisory capacity. As a sister organization, GEWEL collaborates with GOLD's symposiums.
  • GSW (Global Summit of Women)

    Known as the "Davos of Women," it has been active for more than 20 years.
    In order to improve women's economic status on a global scale, the GSW is an organization that provides a forum for global leaders and participants from countries all over the world to meet together, in order to introduce best practice, themed discussions, network, etc. Its founding concept is "Women Help Women," and it strives for women changing the world in a leadership role. At each meeting, first ladies of several countries and women at the minister level participate, also shedding light on issues and policies in their countries.
    GEWEL has been participating since 2004 as a Global Member.
  • AIMD (American Institute for Managing Diversity Inc)

    The organization known as the pioneer in D&I in the United States. Also provides various survey data.
  • Community Business

    An NPO organization based in Hong Kong, specializing in CSR.