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Sanjeev Sinha’s book, Amazing India: Why Does it Produce a Global Workforce?, Published in Japanese

GEWEL Director Sanjeev Sinha, who has been called a genius consultant, has published a book, even though he claims that he does not read books. We encourage everyone to read it.
The following except is from the web site of the book’s publisher, Shinchosha Publishing Co.
It is not unusual to find Indian leaders of international corporations and organizations. The CEO of Microsoft, the Dean of Harvard Business School, and the co-CEO of Deutsche Bank are Indian. Why did India become a major source of the global work force?  How is the Indian culture superior to others in this respect?  This genius consultant, who graduated from India’s most elite university, the Indian Institute of Technology, and who established a company in Japan, thoroughly explains the amazing aspects of the country that is now the subject of greatest public interest.
Publication date: September 13, 2014
For details in Japanese, please see the following web site: