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GEWEL Open Forum 2014

Topic: Leading a Diverse Team
Introduction of Panelists (in alphabetical order of the first letter of the family name)
Ms. Keiko Ishitani, Senior Corporate Officer and General Manager of the Brand Operations and Brand Management Division of P&G Japan

Ms. Ishitani joined the advertising division of P&G Japan in 1990. She headed the advertising of products for washing clothes, health care products, and the introduction of Febreze Japan. In 2001, she was promoted to marketing director, and for several years she led the marketing of pet care products, such as IAMS and Eukanuba brands of pet food. In 2006, she was posted to the Proctor & Gamble head office in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she was in charge of brand and product strategy for the global franchise group of the pet care division through 2012. In January 2013, she returned to P&G Japan as the leader of brand operations. In July 2013, she was also put in charge of brand management.
Ms. Mariko Kawaguchi, Senior Researcher, Daiwa Institute of Research
Upon completing a master’s degree at Hitotsubashi University Graduate School in 1986, Ms. Kawaguchi joined Daiwa Securities Co. In 1994, she transferred to the Daiwa Institute of Research, where she conducted research on Japanese companies. In 2010, she was promoted to general manager of corporate social responsibility of the Daiwa Securities Group.  In July 2011, she returned to the Daiwa Institute of Research. Since April 2012, she has been a senior researcher in the research division in charge of research into corporate social responsibility, social business, ethical consumption, and socially responsible investing. She is co-representative director of the Socially Responsible Investment Forum, which is an NPO, a member of the Securities Analysts Association, a board member of the Sustainability Japan Forum, and a member of the Tokyo Bureau of Environment. Ms. Kawaguchi has been a contributing author to articles in the Nikkei Shinbun, including “An Introduction to Socially Responsible Investing” and “How Does Corporate Social Responsibility Raise Corporate Value”.
Ms. Kyoko Yokota, President of Colabolabo Co.

Born in 1976, Ms. Yokota graduated from Ochanomizu Women’s University in 1999, when she joined Recruit Co. For six years, she worked in sales, the promotion of new businesses, and business planning, primarily in the human resources division. She then left Recruit, and in 2006, she established Colabolabo Co., which compiles business plans to support the female presidents of such companies as WomanPresident.net, which has about 1,500 members, J300 and Wooooomen’s! At the 2011 APEC Women’s Economic Summit, Ms. Yokota received a citation as an innovator. In 2013, she received a Women’s Challenge Prize from the Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office.  She is a member of the Cabinet Office Council to Promote Gender Equality, a member of the Cabinet Office Advisory Panel on the Modalities of Government and Administration, and a delegate to the Project to Support Entrepreneurs and Discover New Sources of Growth, which is being conducted by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency. Ms. Yokota recently authored a book entitled “Women Presidents Rescue Japan”, published by Magazine House.