We devote ourselves to nurture leaders, who practice and embrace Diversity and Inclusion.
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Directors & Advisers


  • Director and Chair of the Board
    Kuniko Muramatsu
  • Director and Vice Chair of the Board
    Michiko Achilles
    Director and Vice-chair of the Board, NPO GEWEL.
    Vice President and Head of Human Resource, SAP Japan.
    Special Advisor, Gender Equality Promotion, City of Yokohama.
    Ms. Achilles started her career at Fuji Xerox Learning Institute as an intercultural communication consultant. Then she assumed Human Resource leadership positions for Japan and Asia Pacific at Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, and Sumitomo 3M. She was Executive Officer for Human Resources at Aozora Bank and Corporate Officer for Public Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment Planning, Consumer Information, and Organizational Change at Shiseido.
    Ms. Achilles is a member of the Women Empowerment Committee of the Japan Productivity Center, on the Selection Committees of Women’s Empowerment Award, Japan HR Award, and Good Action Award. She also represented Japan at the APEC Conferences on “Women and the Economy” in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and was a founding member of Japan Diversity Network.
    Ms. Achilles graduated from Sophia University with a BA in Business Administration and from Fielding Graduate University with an MA in Organization Management.
    She is married to an American and has two daughters.
  • Director
    Masako Arakane
  • Director
    Akio Ikari
  • Director
    Akiko Kawai

    A graduate of the Shizuoka University, Akiko Kawai joined Yokogawa Hewlett-Packard (now Japan Hewlett-Packard), working first in sales support organization for eight years, followed by 15 years in marketing as a product manager, business planner and localization manager. She moved to the human resources side of the firm in 1996, remaining there for another 15 years until she reached HP's mandatory retirement age in 2011.
    As the head of Hewlett-Packard's employee welfare, she reformed the program. In 2004, she was chosen to lead the Diversity and Employee Career, where she boosted diversity and career support as well as the employment of handicapped people through the SEED Center, ISC (International Service Center). She also helped speed up the promotion of female employees, started a networking group for women, and supported the internal talent management program.
    One of Ms. Kawai's more recent projects was to launch Women's Summit Tokyo, which developed into a joint operation among multiple companies, and which she now takes part from GEWEL. She is considered one of Japan's pioneers in the promotion of diversity, and frequently presents on the topic.

  • Director
    Miyoko Kojima
  • Director
    Mayumi Tamura
  • Director
    Tsuneo Maeda
    Graduated from Kumamoto University with a BS in Electrical Engineering in 1966.
    In 1973, he joined HP Japan, as a sales engineer at medical product group and as a marketing engineer at HP Medical division in Boston, and then assumed a General Manager in HP Medical Japan. In 1992, he changed his career to work at HRD community in HP, starting as HP Asia Pacific Education Service Manager in HP Australia and then HRD Manager in HP Japan in 1994. Since then, he achieved 3M$ of HRD business goal within HP Japan by leading a women's work force team and he was also a project manager to deploy the company-wide "Career Self-Reliance" Program within HP Japan.
    In 2001, he moved to Ryoyo Electro Corp. as Executive officer for HR. In 2003, He retired from Ryoyo, and started his own business as HRD Consultant.
    Before the retirement from HP Japan, he completed the Career Development course at the Graduate School of Keio University in 2000. Since then, working as a visiting researcher at Career Resource Lab, Keio University for 13 years. During this period, he had been heavily involved in delivering the HRD program for the developing country's government officers under a joint project between JICA and Keio University for 8 years. He is a professional career adviser, certified by Career Resource Lab at Keio University and a member of Japanese Academy of HRD.
  • Director
    Sanjeev Sinha
    Formerly with UBS (Director, New Business Group), Mizuho Securities, Goldman Sachs, Dresdner, Gentech Corp (artificial intelligence) and Godrej. Traveled worldwide including Antarctica and worked in Tokyo, Mumbai and New York.
    Trilingual (Hindi, English and Japanese) and with 15 years active presence in Japan extensively and frequently contributing to leading media such as NHK, Fuji TV, TBS, Nikkei , Yomiuri, Asahi, Diamond Weekly, Toyo Keizai, etc. Also a frequent speaker at numerous public forums across Japan. Education include Integrated Master of Physics, IIT Kanpur and Master in Applied Finance, Macquarie University.
    In 2008, established Japan-India consulting firm Sun & Sands Advisors, and became Representative Director.
    Also holds positions as Representative for Japan Branch of Indian Institute of Technology Alumni association, Director of Japan-India Partnership Forum, Advisor for Global Indian International School, Regional Director for GARP, Foreign Correspondent's Club Liaison Committee Chairman, and Representative for Tata Asset Management Japan.

GEWEL Supervisor

  • Mitsunori Matsuda
    Mr. Matsuda joined Sumitomo 3M in 1975, and worked in various departments, including Accounting, Production Planning, Sales, and Marketing. After working as Marketing Department Head, he initiated the Six Sigma Organization as its first MBB (Master Black Belt). Then he headed the Corporate Planning Office, and was appointed as Executive Director for the Safety Security Market. With his extensive experience in the manufacturing sector and strong professional network, he also contributed to human resource development and diversity enhancement.
    At present he supports individuals engaged in venture businesses in the medical instrument and cosmetics development fields.

GEWEL's Advisers

  • Kimiko Horii
    GEWEL Founding Member, former GEWEL Representative Director.
    President of the Tokyo Kiwanis Club (Since Oct. 2011).
    Representative Director at the Research Institute of Self Esteem (RISE, a general incorporated association).
  • Ann Sado
    GEWEL Founding Member, former GEWEL Assistant Representative Director.
    Representative Director of A to Z Sado Enterprises Ltd.
    Alternate Representative at GSW Initiative Japan.
  • Hiroko Tatebe
    GEWEL Founding Member, former Member of the GEWEL Board of Directors
    Representative of GOLD (Global Organization of Leadership Diversity in USA)
  • Kyoko Sakuma
    GEWEL Founding Member, former Member of the GEWEL Board of Directors
    Independent SRI Consultant
    Research Fellow at the Free University of Brussels, School of Economics and Management (Belgium-based)
    Founder & Executive Director at Sustainable Analysis & Consulting (SA&C) 
    Research Fellow at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
  • Kay Iwata
    Diversity Consultant: Representative Director at K Iwata Associates (USA-based)
  • Darren M. McDonald
    Presently Professor of Human Resource Management at Daito Bunka University in Tokyo.
    Originally from Australia, Professor McDonald gained his BA from Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, in Modern Asian Studies and his MBA from a Japanese university. He is also one of the first graduating students of a university Master's course in interpreting (Japanese - English) in Japan.
    Before entering academia, Professor McDonald worked for a number of years in several companies in Japan in areas including marketing and management consultancy, product development and sales, the electronic media and music promotion.
    Professor McDonald first became interested in diversity management in Japan through his experience in the Japanese workplace. He conducted the first academic study of workforce diversity in Japan before diversity management was part of the business vernacular.
    Professor McDonald continues research into Diversity Management in Japan with a specific interest in the experience, work and role of the diversity manager. Alongside research, he assists and consults company management in their Diversity Management efforts and conducts training sessions for employees at various levels of the organization. Having lived and worked in Japan for over 20 years, Diversity Management has become Professor McDonald's life work and he looks to improving the working lives of all employees in Japan.