We devote ourselves to nurture leaders, who practice and embrace Diversity and Inclusion.
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GEWEL's Activities

GEWEL engages in the following activities to practice D&I and to foster D&I leaders.

  • Contributions to society to promote D&I

    We carry out various activities to contribute to society in order to promote organizations and a society which promotes and makes use of the many differences in values and abilities, regardless of differences in nationality, gender, age or culture.
  • To support practice of D&I in organizations

    We support the practice of D&I in companies by providing advice or proposals as consultants or advisors.
  • Leadership programs for women leaders, women executives

    We provide support for women leaders and women executives through various services such as networking and mentoring.
  • Support to entrepreneurs and their practice of D&I

    By utilizing relationships and networks with domestic and international entrepreneurs as well as all types of organizations, we provide support for D&I practice among entrepreneurs.
  • Networking (domestic and international)
  • Relations with domestic and international D&I organizations
  • D&I Practice Consulting and Advisory
  • Seminars, Workshops
  • Symposiums
  • Training, Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Surveys, Research
  • Best Practice Accumulations, Benchmark Research, etc.